VANAD (Chengdu) Information Technology Co.,Ltd. VANAD is a global services provider that consistently delivers real, innovative improvements in business strategies and IT outsourcing solutions that address our clients’ varying business objectives. VANAD offers a flexible spectrum of services that enable you to accelerate your time-to-market, enhance the quality of your products and software solution delivery, and provides open easy access to assist companies entering the Chinese market. We use state-of-the-art development centers, highly experienced European software architects, business consultants and, of course, our extensive knowledge of the IT industry, which helps prepare you for the future. VANAD has had a strong relationship with China for many years as a result of its cooperation with Chinese partners. It has been considerably successful in the Asian countries, in particular the Chinese market. We are able to bring you into contact with the right people to build your company in China and provide you with full support in realizing a successful business strategy. VANAD strongly believes that the combination of IT outsourcing and business development can make a major difference and achieve great success for small and medium-sized companies in particular. We see IT outsourcing as your first step in truly innovating your business and we are here to help you to generate more business and more profit. This is VANAD’s mission. VANAD has developed its 3T philosophy: Time, Talent and Technology… Time - We bring foreign companies to China at the right place and time, with the right people. The IT outsourcing projects executed by VANAD are finalized on time due to the standard methodologies we employ. Finally, VANAD can offer you an extremely rapid time-to-market strategy. Do things right the first time, on time, any time. Talent - VANAD’s staff is composed of well-educated, dedicated, talented and customer-oriented young professionals. Let our talented team surprise you! Technology - VANAD has adopted advanced technical methodologies and is fully equipped to support a wide range of programming languages. www.vanad.nl www.vanad.com.cn 展开 公司地址:天府软件园 (邮编:610041) 地图 公司官网:http://www.vanad.com.cn
自在旅业集团,是一家集合旅行社、旅游集散、场站、客运、目的地服务、酒店、地产、电子商务等业务的大型旅游服务公司。 2001年成立至今,自在旅业已建立起以上海为核心,涵盖杭州、宁波、苏州、舟山等长三角多处重点城市与旅游城市为分支的业务网络,下辖上海黄浦旅游集散站有限公司、上海自在旅行社、上海申江两岸旅游集散中心、杭州吴山广场旅游集散有限公司、舟山群岛旅游集散总站、舟山普陀南顺旅游客运有限公司、舟山普陀国旅旅游客运有限公司、舟山自在慈航广场商业有限公司等30余家分子公司,为旅客提供一站式的便捷旅游服务,是长三角旅游行业的龙头企业。 随着业务版图的不断扩张,自在旅业集团诚邀天下有志之士的加盟!欢迎您的加入! 展开 公司地址:外马路1588号黄浦旅游集散站 (邮编:200011) 地图 公司官网:http://www.zizaigroup.com/aboutzz.aspx *发布本招聘广告企业的营业执照名称:河口袄磷裙电子行业网

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